Toko Kaiun Kaisha Ltd. (Toko Line) understands the importance of managing personal information appropriately and believes that it is its important social responsibility to do so.

We comply with applicable laws and other regulations, and, in order to secure personal information protection, handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the following privacy policy.

  • (1) We observe laws and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information.

  • (2) When collecting personal information, we make it clear for what purposes we use it.

  • (3) We collect personal information appropriately and fairly, and use the personal information collected exclusively for the purposes for which we collect it.

  • (4) We do not disclose or provide the personal information that we have to any third parties illegally.

  • (5) We take all necessary security measures to keep the personal information from being accessed unlawfully, lost, destroyed, falsified and leaked.

  • (6) We take appropriate responses to complaints and inquiries about the way that we handle personal information.

  • (7) We periodically review our internal management system for protecting personal information, and revise it whenever necessary to manage personal information.

Kensuke Idaka
Toko Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.